What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text documents sent between your (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) and the website you are browsing. Every cookie is stored on your device when in use. A cookie can, depending on usage, be stored on your device for years unless you remove them. Most cookies are deleted automatically when you close your internet browser. Cookies can be divided into categories depending on their functionality. Below you can find information on cookies used on this website and to which category they belong.

Which kinds of cookies do we use?

At uCom.no we use a range of different cookies for various purposes, both functional and commercial. Both first party cookies, placed there by us, and third party cookies, placed there by servers with other domain names like Google, are in use on this website.

Listed below are short descriptions of the different categories of cookies we utilize. You will also find a link to a document which lists each cookie used on this website with an accompanied description.

Essential cookies

Certain cookies are critical to maintain expected functionality on a website. A good example of this are cookies created when a user logs into our system. Without these cookies we will not be able to identify you as a user nor give you access to the proper services.

Security enhancing cookies

Cookies can be used to protect users and websites against certain cyber attacks. One type of cyber attack which can be prevented by using cookies is a so called XSRF/CSRF-attack. In this case a criminal tries to submit information to our servers with your user profile without your approval.

Cookies which improve user experience

Some cookies serve to improve user experience on our websites. These cookies might store your preferred language, prevent reoccurence of questions posed to user, or make sure that the information you submit to us is stored in one place.

Analyzing cookies

Certain cookies are used to track how users interact with a website. The data collected can help to identify and correct potential problems. It can also be used to improve pages with heavy traffic or prevent planned down time during popular time periods.

Cookies used on our website


Can I manage which cookies are in use?

To some degree. Currently the only way to manage cookies is in the settings of an internet browser. Which browser and which settings it provides determines the level of cookie management. You can read more about how to change settings for your browser at AboutCookies.org.uk