Privacy and security

GDPR - the individual's rights

Telenor Ucom takes privacy seriously and we rely on our customers' confidence in us to succeed. Openness about how we process personal information is of utmost importance to us.

User privacy

In Norway the processing of personal information is primarily regulated in the Personal Data Act, but a range of other laws and regulations like the Electronic Communication Act (Ekomloven), the Marketing Act (Markedsføringsloven) and the Norwegian Accounting Act (Regnskapsloven) also give guidance as to how personal information is to be processed. Telenor Ucom is subject to regulations which specifically limit for how long we can store certain type of information. You can find more information about privacy and privacy related issues at Datatilsynet.

Information we have on you

We have information associated with your personal devices and services.

What we use your personal information for

The information is necessary for us to provide you with your personal services.

Responsibility for data processing in Telenor Ucom

The responsibility for day-to-day operations lies with the CEO. Telenor have appointed a Data Protection Officer for their wholly owned Norwegian corporations. The Officer's task is to ensure that Telenor follow the Personal Data Act and the Personal Data Regulations. The Officer must also be a resource for the business with any registered question concerning privacy in Telenor.

Access to information

To ensure that our processing of information is done securely, only a select group of certified personnel at Telenor Ucom has access to the information you provide us. Access to information is additionally secured by utilizing access control mechanisms.


Info regarding cookies can be found here.

Access, edit and delete information

If any information we have on you is incorrect and/or incomplete, you can demand to have that data updated, supplemented or deleted by contacting us via this form.

Also see user privacy page at Telenor